Friday, March 14, 2008

Harley-Davidson's Women's Day Parade....A BLAST!

Presented by Sasha Yeah, the skies were pregnant with a little rain all day. But I'll tell you what didn't wait to drop, TEARS of JOY. Oh, the 400+ women riding in the parade felt the joyful tears take a cheekward stroll as we participated in a history-making event. Harley-Davidson's first ever women's parade. Apparently it was 500 strong. All I could gather was several lines of Harleys and Buells stacked up ready to ride -- I had no idea what the final count was.
From Music City USA, I rode the southbound twists and wide open highway enroute to my destination: the curvaceous celebration of Harley and Buell chicks riding together in the first ever Parade of its kind. Oh the power of our HOURglass - it is ALL in the CURVES as folks hailed the femme force of riders roarrring down International Speedway and onto A1A!
Led by Karen Davidson of the Harley-Davidson empire and a group of six selected females who wrote compelling essays about their riding experience and mentors, including the female executives of Harley-Davidson's women's outreach program, we waved and revved blazing a new Parade trail. The Parade was also a fundraiser for MDA. The energy was full throttle excitement. Let the pictures tell the story.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Garage Girls are HERE!

Let's give a huge round of applause for Sara Liberte's launch of the Garage Girls! She and Jody Perewitz are two bike building femme fatales with a big heart to teach chicks the world over all about taking care of their rides....getting out there and living and riding free!

Please, take a moment and visit these gals at:

Send a note to Miss Sara Liberte, a genius windsister who is a wonderful artist and fine spokeschick in the world of girls on motorcycles.

Jody can be found working alongside her brilliant daddy, Dave Perewitz. Talk about truth, this girl certainly has engine oil in her veins. She's all about EVERYTHING to do with motorcycles. I think she was literally born in the saddle of her parent's motorcycle. and dig the blog she keeps here:

I adore these girls and you will too!


Monday, February 11, 2008


This is an excerpt of an e-mail that I received recently from Harley-Davidson regarding their all girl ride on March 4th...which is so popular...that they had an overwhelming response to the slots available.

CONGRATULATIONS SASHA! You have been chosen to join Karen Davidson, great-granddaughter of one of the Company’s founders, and the Get Down to Daytona winners on their final leg into Daytona! We had an overwhelming response from women interested in joining the Women’s Day Ride in Daytona on March 4, 2008, benefiting MDA Summer Camps, so we have decided to no longer limit the ride to 105 women, and are now accommodating 500 women riders! Yes, 500! The ride will be one of the largest Harley-Davidson women’s rides ever, and we’re thrilled to have you share that piece of history with us.

Okay, I feel like I JUST WON THE GOLDEN TICKET like the Willy Wonka story... but I'm so like little Charlie, not Violet the glutton blueberry gum chewing girl --- no, I'm like dear Charlie, the little underdog...though as the former little girl with thick coke bottle glasses totally unpopular, wall flower kid of yore -- yes she, ME, is going to be a part of this epic ride.

I get to ride with ALL these amazing women and I shall write for days about it...I shall take photos, and film footage with my pocket camcorder and present the most awesome journey...oh, this is a thrill beyond belief. I'm taking you all with me and sharing this victorious moment.

Rock it Roll it Ride it like you stole it...all the way to Daytona to join in this amazing event. Also, there is a wonderful cause abound....MDA...this is a fund raiser event, too.

Open your big heart! I have a fundraising goal of $1,000. It'd be cool to include you or your company on my list of contributors helping me reach an important goal.

Your donation would help MDA continue the important fight against muscular dystrophy. Check out my donor page by clicking on the link at the end of this e-mail. There you'll find all kinds of information about MDA, and be able to make your tax-deductible donation on-line using your credit card.MDA serves people in our community with muscular dystrophy by providing clinics, support groups, assistance with the purchase and repair of wheelchairs, braces and communication devices, and summer camp for kids. MDA also funds research to help find treatments and cures for diseases that affect people of all ages, right here in our community. On behalf of the families MDA serves, thank you!



Click here get info about this epic ride, visit

If the link above does not bring you to my Participant Page, cut and paste the address below into the address bar of your internet browser.

Friday, February 08, 2008

International Female Ride Day - May 2, 2008

From a press release issued by DS Publicity Group:

(Toronto) – Last year’s introduction of FEMALE RIDE DAY in Canada was such a success that this year it has gone international. FEMALE RIDE DAY is a synchronized day, worldwide, where women motorcycle riders demonstrate their enjoyment of motorcycle riding. The event takes place annually on the first Friday of May, spotlighting women who ride and celebrating the many numbers who do. This is a day devoted to women of all ages and all experience levels to highlight their passion for and pleasure in – alone or together – the activity of motorcycle riding.

“On FEMALE RIDE DAY, all we ask of women is to be on a motorcycle and just ride!” says Vicki Gray, campaign founder. “It is not an organized ride, not a charity or fundraiser. Its sole focus is on women riders.

Of course women are free to decide how they spend the day and some clubs and rider groups have indeed incorporated a charity or an organized ride. This is the beauty of the day, the freedom to enjoy it as you wish no matter what type or style of motorcycle – cruiser, sport, touring, scooter, off road or ATV. Women are encouraged to simply join in, take part in the camaraderie internationally and just ride,” she adds.

International FEMALE RIDE DAY, made its d├ębut last year as a national event, with the intention to go global on its next occurrence. This year it will be celebrated internationally, which was not a difficult step to make, as last year women throughout North America and areas of Europe enthusiastically took part. As each year goes by, there is no doubt that FEMALE RIDE DAY will continue to catch on and be enjoyed by more and more women, as country after country joins in.

In 2007, participants were invited to send in their photographs capturing a moment during their FEMALE RIDE DAY experience and be featured on the website. Additionally by forwarding the photo to MOTORESS, they received mementos and souvenirs in return. Participants will be offered the same opportunity in 2008. According to Vicki, the buzz within online social communities already demonstrates soaring participation this year and she hopes to have enough souvenirs’ for everyone. Some of the club rides and meet-ups planned for May 2nd have decided to produce their own souvenir of the day – a t-shirt or a Female Ride Day badge.MOTORESS is an international brand with a strong online presence. The purpose is to “connect women with motorcycling” and assist women to achieve the most they can out of the activity of motorcycling.
Whether just starting out or experienced, MOTORESS’s feminine and competent representation provides a community where female riders can flourish, progress and, most of all, have fun in the lifestyle of motorcycling.

MOTORESS founder Vicki Gray is a motorcycle racer and instructor for both street and track, devotedly promoting the rewards and enjoyment of motorcycling since 1983. Originally, from Ontario, she got hooked on motorcycling when taking the rider training course in Nova Scotia, motivated by the need for an outlet away from her demanding career at Revlon International. Since then, she has taught motorcycle riding to thousands of beginners, trained police in the Caribbean (Netherlands Antilles), raced throughout Europe, co-instructed with MotoGP racer Katja Poensgen, partnered events with famed TT Circuit Assen, and co-hosted a television program for the Discovery Channel.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


I've got four blogs happening now and I'm realizing I need to whittle down to one sometime. But here, for the Bikerlady blog which is a community for women riders, I'm going to make a comment about motorcycle riding trend and women.

We're the fastest growing segment in the marketplace. Still. We are expanding and growing in leaps and bounds. The Motorcycle Industry Council puts out press releases on this fact, the motorcycle manufacturers report the same. Clothing manufacturers are finally making women's size motorcycling gear.

Looks like chicks on bikes are on the map for good. We cannot be denied. All the says of a chick don't belong riding a bike, even as recent as of, hmmm, yesterday that can be heard, are really long gone. As we know, since the invention of the bicycle, we've commanded the driver's seat. We've always been in the driver's seat.

What's next for women in motorcycling? I think from a media perspective alot more. I think women in motorcycling on TV will continue to change the perspective of people the world over because it is so dialed into the feelings of freedom and truth and independence for the everywoman.

Now, it's only a matter of time before really awesome media is created that will service the big desire out there in TV, film and music land....

girls on bikes is POWER. A woman on a motorcycle defines so much of what we feel and may not be able to SAY. Riding a motorcycle explains everything we are. It defines our truth. Our bikes are an extension of our souls. And don't we motorcycle mammas look bad ass with class rolling up to our meetings, to school functions with our kids, out for a weekend st'roll' -

We as high powered amazing women have the power inside ourselves at anytime to be our truth. To be loyal to our beauty inside. Falling for the superficial hype of how we ought to be is slow death, let me tell you. If you go to the mirror right now and look at yourself, warts and all, cellulite saddle bags, wrinkles, whatever and you realize that "oh my God, I'm a living breathing human being with talent and gifts even though I may not know what they are" - kick yourself into gear and move forward. Motorcycles don't have reverse.... they only know how to roll forward.

So, get ready for the ride of your life.

peace love and windy freedom,

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Sturgis. In two days.

Glory bound. The sunshine. The moonshine. The asphalt. The Phat Ass Phalt.

While my tires roll over the ass phalt...that piece of ass is mine. All mine.

I like to hang out while I"m riding. As if I'm sitting at a picnic table, or kicked back in a lawn know. My boots are resting on the engine guards.

I'm dirty.

I'm sweaty.

I'm happy.

I've got bugs that met their maker laying on my face.

I've got fine lines of road dust resting on my throat.

My mascara is not waterproof like it says. It's under my eyes. All smudgy and smoldery.

My finger nails that looked really good, all polished and manicured when I left, are now all filthy and the color is chipped like an undone puzzle.

When I get to Sturgis I will have an ice cold glass of __________.

And if I smoked cigarettes still I would puff on a Camel Turkish Gold.

I'll be grinnin' very wide. I'll be sleepy and I'll set my tent up and cuddle in there with my few belongings.

I'll dream about God and I'll dream about environment....heaven surrounding me.

I am home again in the Black Hills....

let the party begin.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The June Bug

That June Bug has bit. June means on the road. Get out there. Wild & Free.

The June Bug is knawin' on this gals psyche.

Time to go. Time to get juiced by the wind.

I'll tell you, folks, having suffered a challenging go of it over the past, what, year or so, I feel such a need to get wind rushing through my soul with the asphalt whizzin' ' neath my feet. Dig?

And that June Bug is biting at the regular routine...tearing it to pieces, chewing holes and showing this motorcycle mamma, "lookie here, this is God's sign to boogie, get out there...."

So, I will take the sign of the June Bug who is knawin' on me to release the doldrums, the stress and smelly BS that runs us ragged...

Time to go. I hear the roar of the road.

Stay tuned....